Member ID: SteveGibson
 Name: Steve Gibson
 Age: 38
 Gender: male
 Registration date: 2001-04-11 23:04
 Zone: 3
 Country: Canada
 Project: telebody: the altered human figure in the digital world

TELEBODY is conceived as a large-scale piece for two-three music and video "performers." Using digital music instruments, the players have real-time control over not only an audio environment, but also images of two entire bodies. Whenever they strike a key on the keyboard or hit a note on the guitar, something happens in the visual realm as well as the auditory realm. In a second level of synchronicity, robot-controlled lights also respond to information from the musical instruments, cueing new scenes and altering the appearance of the lights. The performers are also tracked using the Martin Lighting Director allowing the robot lights to follow them as they play. The central theme of TELEBODY revolves around man-machine relations, and more specifically the man-machine interface and the human body. Digital image capturing, 3D scanning, and effects processing of the human figure provide a metaphorical description of a potential digital human. In TELEBODY the performers act as metaphorical bio-geneticists, perfectly controlling and manipulating images of the human body. TELEBODY IS the altered human figure in the digital world. Please see for more information and audio-visual samples.