Member ID: Kantor
 Name: Istvan Kantor
 Age: no information
 Gender: male
 Registration date: 2001-04-10 17:07
 Zone: 1
 Country: Canada
 Project: ultra-hyper-trans-turbo-total-communication

Dear Miners, thanks for thinking about me as part of the energy-information supply for the world wide neoist ultra-hyper-trans-turbo-total-communication, i definitely like accumulationist projects that interconnect different time zones and technologies in vertical reality, it's always 6 o'clock in the Gegenort coal mine in Neunkirchen just like in my Lower Level headquarters in the East End of Toronto, past-present-future are one and the same all information accumulating and expanding continuously and simultaneously, I always feel like a subatomic particle being at several places at the same time, and so I'm glad to learn about the Gegenort conspiracy, sounds like a new center of the Universe, or perhaps an ancient spot of technological society's hyper-terrestrial accumulation, i would love to turn a container into a transmission machinery device by filling it with techno-junk and leaving only enough space for a body to crawl into a hole, something like a transmitting orgon accumulator, the body would become part of the surrounding technology and technological waste, I dont have the details now but I can think about it, until then here is some text you can always post in your website or hang it in a container, cheeeerrrrrzzzzzzz istvan I ADMIT I WANT TO DIE OF INFORMATION OVERDOZZZZZZ I get excited of managing information all the time. It would be even nicer to have a little more. To go over the flow. I was never paid a salary to keep things organized in my office. I do it for the sake of doing it. It's always crazy here but I learned to keep things moving and in tip-top shape. If things were quiet I would stir things up because total chaos is my home. That's what subversive elements have always done--they use telephones, megaphones, microphones, vocal chords, samplers, pirate transmitters, telepathic communication and computers to manipulate information, to stir things up and to put things back into disorder. I have been always working at home full time, day and night. I always enjoyed the messes I'd made at at home. And I could get a lot more done by extending my office into my bedroom. And I was the first to get a laptop because I needed more time to work on my ideas and commuting was the only time I had for extension. But I never carried a cell phone on the road because I prefer extrasensorial organs. I rather use telepathy to keep in touch with my conspirators and family. I often initiate crises when I'm on the road. I know this goes against the grain. I receive tons of exciting messages and I answer all the psychotronic calls in order to keep the conspiracy going. I use a coat hanger antenna attached to my head to increase the power of my brain waves. Meanwhile I listen to music, take notes, make drawings and read zins. I also pray for help to my dead parents when I'm commuting. The other day I realized how happy I am of managing information. aI feel like a damned terrorist or a utopean revolutionary. Most of my waking hours are spent opening and closing file cabinets, pulling the drawers in and out, making noise by banging the metal hardware of the cabinets, and thinking about all the other people doing the same thing. It's a worlwide performance, group sex. My life couldn't be more creative. I love to fuck file cabinets! Fucked by file cabinets! I'm making the messes--interesting, vital messes. Hardware and software are interconnected, I find I'm an extension of all softwares and I am extended by softwares. I want to use the most powerful software as a template for my totalitarian, subversive behavior. Without technology I'm confused, suicidal, and lost. There are loose-ends, but these loose-ends dangle in the never-never land beyond the control of the system, the network...somewhere beyond my office. I think about these loose ends when I'm exercising, inhaling and exhaling or playing with my children in the nearby park.