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 Name: Wendy Lu
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 Gender: female
 Registration date: 2001-04-02 03:53
 Zone: 1
 Country: Canada
 Project: "The Mapping of Biogenetic Multiplicity"

For the past several years, the initial concept of much of my art was inspired by inventive biogenetic technologies. Diagrams of altered DNA codes represent reconfigured forms of human life. Experimental works possess a refunctioned DNA as an industrial base, a complex networks of DNA codes and a mutations of genetic defects in which our society now faces the course of our technological future. The tremendous effects of biological technology on our foundations of contemporary culture are both explicable and ineffaceable. We can predict the triumph of biogenetic technology over the discourse of contemporary science. My assumption is that productive biogenetic technologies can alter the balance between progressive human history and a natural existence prior to biogenetics. But technologies can alter our relationships with the far more subtle effects of our inherited genetic and psychological histories. In some ways, bio-technological representations increase public awareness of our genes have a profound impact on our everyday lives. A series of my paintings reflects my exploration of how the phenomenon of genetic duplication relates to the core values of postmodern societies. Thinking about reconstitutions of the human genome and biotechnological artifacts, change of biological identities can be ultimately seen as a representational concept of irrational artificiality. My recent artworks deals with the core of technological transformations generating rapid changes in our techno-culture activities. The exploration of bio-genetic transformations are repressive to the human spirit in the integrity of visionary forms. While exploring new forms of genetic codes through the layers of paints, I aim to express my own aesthetic visions about today's innovative scientific breakthroughs. From a series of my paintings, a variety of undiscovered biological mutations show the reflection of my experiences underlying my encounter with very dissimilar artistic practices and experimentation. A natural medium of exchange between life existence and scientific technologies is a representation of a potentially limitless reserve of unique value. Some of my artwork are marked by a deep sense of introspection and an abiding interest in the act of painting as a means of unveiling the self. They demonstrate the interrelationship between the exploration of technological transformation and the identification of biological genes in a complex way. I believe the transformation of subject identity is both a represented and presented space, both a real place and its simulacrum, both a package and a commodity inside the package. Thus, the unique value of objective identity is a combination of attachment to the technological world and life forms.