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 Member ID: STANZA
 Name: Stanza
 Age: no information
 Gender: male
 Registration date: 2001-04-01 23:03
 Zone: 2
 Country: United Kingdom
 Project: Alchemy by Stanza

The installation is about artistic gestures and memory and is concerned with the identity of the artist and the changing relationship to his materials. The installation focuses on the artists materials and the artists changing relationship to these materials in light of new technology. Points considered are the recycling of artists materials. The imagery of traditional paints and paint brushes. References to the redundancy of traditional materials while continuing the concept of creativity. Presentation. The box container will be filled with a series of gold paint brushes and pots. The idea is about turning ideas into valuable commodities. The central piece is a round table stacked with paint pots, which is situated in the middle of the space. The main focus in on the artists table as a workplace and concerns the use, death and decay of the materials after the artist has used them. The paint tubes lie twisted and decayed, the brushes rotten. ALL GOLD----->>>>Alchemy Primarily concerned with the use of painting materials within the artists studio, this piece focuses on the the life cycle of the paints and brushes. Sounds will be incorporated in the installation. This environment recreates the artists studio as a mausoleum.