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 Member ID: cyrilscott
 Name: jimpunk
 Age: 35
 Gender: male
 Registration date: 2001-03-28 01:21
 Zone: 4
 Country: France
 Project: jimpunk

_ Pop/technology give a brief summary of a experimental online project made between august 2000 and january 2001 _ This "daily work" explains what happend or what I did or what was my mood every day during six months. _ During six months I tried to make one html page every day and for the project I choose 31 pages from this diary.(to make a random project who change every day during one month ) _ I was under an obligation to do a different work for all days with new scripts or pictures or thoughts . _ This work is on a 400 X 400 pixels window ( ) _ Pop/technology is a daily "screendrawing" _ 13/05/2001 - 20h46 - Paris - France - All rights reserved CS