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breaker boys
19th century image of young boys employed in the coal mines

 Member ID: traceybenson
 Name: Tracey Benson
 Age: 34
 Gender: female
 Registration date: 2001-03-25 12:59
 Zone: 8
 Country: Australia
 Project: Mining traces of heredity/Minierende Spuren von heredity

lost time traveller-mapping connections of power-traces of heredity-patterns of migration- mining-digging-theories of excavation..... motherland-genetic memories of coal miners working far beneath the surface-the fate of the old country-fatherland-disowned-silent supressed stories-invisible.....too late now-for the tale of the boy who gave his family electric light from a box on a pole....memories collide-identity forever shifted-change of perspective-multiple connections create form-context forever in the past otherland........... THE REALISATION = text-image-sound-source.... I see this installation as a slide/sound/video piece which involves the layering of images and sounds to produce a work which considers the past - history and memory through ancestral ties to power and technology. It will consider personal, historical and environmental aspects of the power industry on a number of levels. This work will be primarily driven by the narrative content which addresses the themes of power and technology by connecting threads from my family history. This history is also a history of migration, of movement and removal from the safe and familar. BIOGRAPHY Tracey Benson is a multimedia artist and curator residing in Brisbane. Since 1993 she has had 10 solo shows and her work has been included in over 70 group exhibitions. Her work has been presented in the USA, England, Russia, Germany and Ireland as well as local and interstate exhibitions. At the moment Tracey is the initial stages of a PHD at the Australian National University’s Canberra School of Art in the Photomedia area, where her area of focus is online environments and social relations. Benson has been working primarily in the realm of multimedia for the last six years, specialising in hypertextual works and digital animations developed specifically for the World Wide Web. Her digital work has been presented on the Experimenta Media Arts on-line gallery, MAAP’99, Sciart’99 and MAAP2000. Currently, some of her work is touring regional galleries around Australia as part of the Her work was recently published in the latest Net Art Guide published by Fraunhofer 2000.