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 Member ID: friday
 Name: friday
 Age: 33
 Gender: male
 Registration date: 2001-03-23 17:59
 Zone: 3
 Country: Bahamas
 Project: Foreign elements

Step 1: A dark room. Little lego-robots-maybe-family should move around. projecting a video composition of different skies should make the family interactive. 24 houres in there life. should they make collective sepuko (suicide) ? should they migrate ? Are they happy ? Should the go to holiday (my lovely home). Are the elements totaly diffrent from their homespace ? Step 2: The container is dark. 1 video projection should show skies (24 houres). Every houre the robo-family should make another ritual. 0-1 am (sleeping) 1-2 am (sleeping and dreaming) 2-3 am (talking together) 3-4 am (singing together) 4-5 am (sunbathing together) 5-6 am (making business) 6-7 am (thinking and grunting) rest coming soon!