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Cup of Creation
The cup holding the flame is a 16th Century depiction containing each of the first letters from the 10 serifot(Tree of Life).
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Kabbalah (Cool link)
This is the home page for our Kabbalah section on our CoLabART web site.
Los Angeles Municipal Gallery installation at Frank Lloyd Wright's Barnsdall Art Park
Digital LightJet print with an accompanying short audio clip from our SoundScape "In The Beginning"

 Member ID: CoLabART
 Name: Lynn Small/Dennis Paul, in collaboration -- D. PAUL/SMALL
 Age: no information
 Gender: group
 Registration date: 2001-03-21 16:22
 Zone: 3
 Country: United States
 Project: Hidden & Revealed - Out of the Mine/Mind

The Kabbalistic conceptualization of revealed truths will be the entry point to the mine/mind. Like the layered skin of the onion, each peeling of the "skin" of the mine/mind will bring you closer to the essence of revealed truths..... Elements of "Blocked", an installation/online work-in- progress, will be set in place to present obstacles to the buried treasures -- the revealed truths. A 5-year interactive online poem -- "Tapestry of Hope" -- will be one of the many viewer participatory elements by which one passes beyond the blocked pit of their mind/mine. All participant's poems will be inserted into a book: -- EVOLUTION: A Tapestry of Hope -- a compilation of ongoing collaborative efforts. The 10 pathways of the Serifot- "Tree of Life" - are parallel facets to the ten diametrically opposed places on the planet......the "Tree of Life" is one of the oldest diagrams known to mankind.