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 Member ID: normal group
 Name: normal group for architecture
 Age: no information
 Gender: group
 Registration date: 2001-03-18 05:07
 Zone: 1
 Country: United States
 Project: feedback

the installation of the feedback still images in the containers (by projection or print) ressembles a narrative of imminent explosion - the metal walls of the container still being strong enough to hold the pressure - for how long? sound: absolute silence (by insulated the container walls, i.e. freezer units/ or by sound bats in the interior). 'feedbacks' are stills from a 30 minute video, where camera movements produced feedback signals. the destructive interaction of the conflicting signals resulted in repetitive landscapes, with terrains exploding into grids, opening into the abyss of a receiving psyche, moon-like surfaces with undulating horizons, spiraling into the flickering coordinate of the cheap tv screen. patterns produce resemblances to sightscapes of the metropolis; lights pulsating at the speed of global markets, places we knew all along? melancholy and violence in suspense, the poetry of the signals we don't understand yet. a place for an immanent future, different, yet informed by the past. the production of this video was part of ; an event held in a sugar refinery in belgrade, serbia.