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engram 17 : a media installation by h-ray heine
engram 17 / concept laser inscribing data on granite boulder webiste projection against screen behind the boulder
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ingram 17 - installation proposal by h-ray heine (Project page)
installation proposal for gegenort/ingram 17 installation, both online and onsite versions
H-Ray Heine (Home page)
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 Member ID: H-Ray Heine
 Name: Holger H-Ray Heine
 Age: 43
 Gender: male
 Registration date: 2001-05-15 22:11
 Zone: 3
 Country: United States
 Project: engram 17

engram 17 is a site specific media installation that explores the concepts of artificial intelligence, memory, and data transfer technologies. the installation allows for user/visitor interaction both on-site and on-line long time collaborator hanten would provide audio and laser components in the realization of this installation. please review the details of the proposal online at: