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 Member ID: Jesse Conally
 Name: Jesse Forrest Conally
 Age: 33
 Gender: male
 Registration date: 2001-05-15 19:09
 Zone: 8
 Country: Australia
 Project: Peepshow

The project "Peepshow" will be set up like the classical peepshow in redlight districts all over the world.

The entrance of the container will be closed, except for a little PEEPHOLE, that opens up when you pay a Dollar or a german coin.

Behind the door inside the container you hear music, sound, laughter, but also undefined noises of drills and other machines.

Once you have paid money you will see projections inside the container. The projections will be chosen randomly.

All videos have one theme: Tunnels and holes each and every way. Tunnels into the earth, mine holes, caves, waterholes, wells, excavations, vaginas, arsholes, veins, ears, escalaters and so on.

The videos show randomly the interaction between humans, machines, water, animals and holes.

This is not about sex it is about searching, curiosity, being fascinated by the dark and the unknown.