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description of interdisciplinary project between architecture and computer science - exploring the field of environments of virtual and real dimensions

 Member ID: ramsgarthomsen_scheper
 Name: Mette Ramsgard Thomsen & Solveig Scheper
 Age: no information
 Gender: group
 Registration date: 2001-05-15 16:57
 Zone: 2
 Country: United Kingdom
 Project: Composite Light

Composite Light The concept for Composite Light is to question the experience of the mediated and the real. The concept of the virtual is defined in relationship to an experience of a known reality. Composite Light seeks to question this distinction creating a space of images of multiple dimensions. The concept for Composite Light is the assembly of projected images of both virtual and real character and materiality. The images are collected and projected on to screens within the container. The container becomes the assembly of that which is conceived as virtual and that which is experienced as real. The materiality of this distinction is questioned as the real is experienced in a manor which resembles that of the virtual. Composite Light sites itself within the Gegenort mine landscape. Making use of both the physical and virtual surroundings Composite Light creates a composite landscape within the container. The landscape has both virtual and real dimensions that overlap and diffuse so as to site the user in a space of uncertainty. Composite Light can be experienced by the real user as the visitor on site and by the virtual user on the web. Both of them manipulate the created landscape by methods specific to their realities. Composite Light involves the users in a dialog between their realities. Interaction The images in Composite Light are interactive. The screens inside the container can be moved thereby refocussing and distorting the projections. As users move through the container they cast shadows, inteferring with the projections. The images collected by the webcams can further more be manipulated on the web - changing the morphology of the image. The users both within the container and on the web are unable to distinguish whether the distortions of the image are virtual [through the web] or physical [through movement of the screen], whether they represent the reality surrounding the user or whether the place that they describe is distant or virtualised Terrain: The user enters the container through a dense material which keeps the light out of the container allowing the slight light of the camera obscura to be seen. The container is occupied by a curved floor. As the users move across the floor their relationship to the horizon changes. The user experiences an uncertainty of navigating the space in the relatively dark environment.