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Andrea Zapp (Project page)
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 Member ID: Andrea Zapp
 Name: Andrea Zapp
 Age: 36
 Gender: female
 Registration date: 2001-05-15 12:15
 Zone: 2
 Country: United Kingdom
 Project: Little Sister - a CCTV Drama and 24 hours Online Surveillance Soap

Little Sister - a CCTV Drama and 24 hours Online Surveillance Soap went online in spring 2000, combining the potential suspense of live web cam images with closed circuit television and global surveillance camera sequences. This is an open-ended narrative – a net.drama -based on discovering a random routine of live incidents in public and private locations and playing with the viewers‘ expectations and notions of voyeuristic media technology. Over twenty webcams from around the world participate in the work showing typical soap opera locations, such as the office, the kitchen, the corner shop or the hairdresser salon. A montage of online scenes from everyday life that invite the Internet viewer to model a personal narrative from a familiar array of urban images. The online sources depend only by conception on the author. There is no influence on the live-streamed content, on the focus points and when (and also whether) the camera is switched on. As a consequence, the project forms its own virtual social system, where the webcam space itself directs the flow of time, image and action. By linking to private cams and live CCTV in one context, Little Sister draws a very thin line between the free choice of self- exhibitionism on the net and the limitations of movement through visual registration in media society. It is intended that the user vacillates between feelings of curiosity and oppression. It leads to a subordinated change of role and perception: the virtual observer could also possibly be the detected one and vice versa. The circle is closed back on the narrative impulse itself: A 24 hrs Online Surveillance Soap.