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You Are Here
Installation view
You Are Here
Close up of the monitor installed
You Are Here
The projection
You Are Here
The monitor piece
You Are Here
A floor plan of the installation
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An animated presentation of the installation with a floor plan
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 Member ID: APSOLUTNO + Synne Bull
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 Gender: group
 Registration date: 2001-05-15 00:53
 Zone: 4
 Country: Yugoslavia
 Project: You Are Here


This proposal for a video installation is a collaborative project by APSLUTNO (Yugoslavia) and Synne Bull (Norway). The video installation is consisted of the two elements:

- The monitor
- The projection


Filming location is in Death Valley, California, still region of active mining, which primarily symbolizes the utopian belief in El Dorado during the Gold Rush. Its countless abandoned mines are silent monuments of the America's wild past, golden dreams, and human struggle with nature.

The piece refers to mapping the reality or the experience of the reality. Having the animated text as a map and the monitor piece as an anticipation of the experience, the viewer is situated in a delicate position of both, a navigator and navigated. The title suggests human's omnipresence in the world by the way of different media. At the same time, it questions our true place in the world and understanding of the nature of things.

The monitor sits on the floor in front of the projection. Ideally, it is positioned in the approximate middle of the room facing the entrance. The monitor piece shows the Death Valley's Racetrack lakebed with the mysterious moving rocks and their carved trails. The video is shot using a radio controlled robotic device with mini DV camera mounted on it. The perspective is of an average boulder on the playa.

The projection is a video loop comprised of 5 (five) animated text tableaux. The text appears letter-by-letter, similarly to typing on a computer. The font type, SynneScriptTM, is a copyright of the artists and was especially designed for the piece.

A detailed list of equipment needed:

  • Two video players (Mini DV or VHS)
  • 1 studio TV monitor (preferably 21" or above) with loudspeakers
  • 1 video projector (preferably LCD, 800 lumens or above)