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 Name: 80/81
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 Registration date: 2001-05-14 16:53
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 Country: Italy
 Project: COVE of the Island.8081

The COVE is part of the Island.8081 project, it is one of the environments of the Island. The installation of the COVE is the re-creation filtered by technologies of the sensations you can feel in a COVE. The COVE is first of all a place full of mistery, you can’t feel fine immediately in it, but after a while is a perfect place for thoughts, a place made by peace and fear. The COVE is strongly inspired by Plato’s Republic (VII). Obviuosly by the Plato’s “myth of the cove”. The slaves are entraped in a cove, and they have a wrong perception of the reality; their vision of the reality is made of shadows of the real world; but if a slave is taken away from the cove, after being ACCECATO by the light, he can understand and see the world in its real face Not considering the strange analogies between Plato and Matrix, or the problem of the filtered information, we want to focuse the attention on the journey of a common day of a common person. A journey in which, normally, is difficult to understand fully the structure in which peoples are positionated, but in a certain time, after being ACCECATO by the light, it’s possible for a while seeing the complexity and the shape of this structure. Main goal of the installation is the creation of a technological environment, and the act of searching in it (using minimal audiovisual inputs) an explanation (not “real” but in a certain way poetic) of the shadows that sorround us.