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projected image
this is an freeze frame of the image generated by people drawing on the website that would be projected in Gegenort. this image changes subtly and very slowly over time based on the information it receives.
projected image
this is a freeze frame of the projected image, taken 10 minutes after the previous image.
data generation
this is a screen shot of 23 users all drawing at the same time on the website. every bit of data generated here is sent in real time to the computer in Gegenort.
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beauty and chaos (Project page)
this is the website where people around the world work communaly to generate data in the form of line information which is transmitted to the computer in Gegenort where it is translated into image and generates a musical score.

 Member ID: ericdeis23
 Name: Eric Deis
 Age: 21
 Gender: male
 Registration date: 2001-05-13 17:46
 Zone: 1
 Country: Canada
 Project: beauty and chaos through time and space

beauty and chaos exists within an installation of light and sound in the Gegenort mine and within the virtual world of in Gegenort there will be a digital projection and a set of stereo speakers. the screen is black and the speakers are silent, until it receives information from every action made by any user on this website is sent as data to the Gegenort where it is processed by a computer. based on this data, the computer composes a musical score and generates a constantly changing image.