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 Member ID: Wright
 Name: Judson Wright
 Age: no information
 Gender: male
 Registration date: 2001-05-09 23:35
 Zone: 3
 Country: United States
 Project: Water Balloon

My name is Judson Wright and I was sent an invite to propose works for the Virtual Mine project.

1. A water balloon. As the temperature increases toward the center of the Earth, the water expands and the balloon stretches. Printed on the balloon is a small portrait of Karl Marx. As the balloon grows his face becomes distorted.

2. A miniature model (non-working) of solar energy cells attached to sticks of dynamite. To the camera, the scale and any close investigation would be lost, so it is not essential this actually be functional. However, the idea that as long as the apparatus remains buried, it will not see any daylight and will not be detonated.

Both of these projects would be relatively simple to construct. If need be I can mail a balloon to Germany but it is probably easier to fill when loading the glass containers that will go in the shaft.

My picture and a sketch of the above projects are attached.

bio: Judson Wright programs some rather advanced coding primarily in Flash/ActionScripts, Director/Lingo or Java (though often incorporating Max, MIDI, Quicktime, 3D, C/C++, Perl, ASP and AppleScript), draws and illustrates in the traditional fashion and then scans the graphics in to allow those programs to manipulate on the stage the graphics and on the web.

Wright graduated from Brown University where he studied Art, Theater, Music and Physics and is obsessed with creating files that are fractions in size, since processors handle them more smoothly. He is currently the Artistic Director for Plasma Stgudii bringing computer technology to the Arts.

He has completed Art Residencies for his computer work at the MacDowell Colony and for Mabou Mines, whom he later collaborated with at Arts at St. Ann's in NY creating the staged cartoon (interacting with live actors and musicians) for 'Animal Magnetism'.

Among his work on-line, he has created cross-platform multimedia applications for the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Walker Museum's on-line art gallery and featured in the book Graphis Web Design Now. programming Java Applets for kids at and web animation for super-hip web zine

His computer work was recently published in the book Net Art Guide in Germany, appears in Mildura Palminpsest #4 in Australia, a touring show roAraTorio of Paris and Berlin, Sound Toys on-line gallery for multimedia in London, Amsterdam computer art show for streaming works, net.congestion and he has been accepted into the Westbeth Artists Community.

Of course, there is a secret to his success. With his Artificial Brainstem Implant by Cochlear, he is equipped with computer circuitry and platinum wiring that is connected directly to his brain, making him one of the few real cyborgs you may know.