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 Member ID: TRIAD
 Age: no information
 Gender: group
 Registration date: 2001-05-09 10:57
 Zone: 2
 Country: Finland
 Project: TRIAD

TRIAD TRIAD HyperDance website
TRIAD NetDance Remix
TRIAD Installation
production year 1998-2000
TRIAD is an art work to be seen on the Internet. It looks at
the semiotic connections between dance, cinema and hypermedia
from viewpoints of three different cultures.

TRIAD is an international co-production. Responsible for the
concept, direction and the visual design is the media artist
MARIKKI HAKOLA from Finland, for the choreography and dance
AKENO from Japan and MOLISSA FENLEY from USA and for the music
TOM NEKLJUDOV from Finland.

TRIAD Project consists of two parts: TRIAD NetDance was a
live Internet netcast between Helsinki, Tokyo and New York
on 5th of June 1998. TRIAD NetDance took place simultaneously
on three stages in three different countries. The dancer,
choreographer Molissa Fenley was dancing in New York, at
Dance Theater Workshop. The butoh dancer, choreographer Akeno
was dancing at the VTV studio in Tokyo. The OtnĚ Eahket played
at the Kiasma theatre. The video signals from New York and
Tokyo were combined at the Kiasma, mixed with the electronic
backgrounds and netcasted to the Internet. The three locations
of this performance were combined to a virtual stage which
could be experienced on the Internet. Marikki Hakola
has made a video TRIAD NetDance Remix, which consists
highlights of the live netcast of TRIAD NetDance.

TRIAD HyperDance is an interactive art work on the net,
containing a dance work as hypervideo and an interactive
choreography. The work can be seen at the url address
and at the
Required programs: Netscape,
Shockwave and RealPlayer.

The TRIAD HyperDance is based on the video and audio recording
of NetDance.In the HyperDance, the basics of the choreography
and the visual design are built to a hypermedia format. With
the HyperDance, the work expands into three dimensions. In
the HyperDance, the viewer can freely move from one virtual
space to another, and has a possibility to combine the
choreographic and audiovisual elements interactively.
TRIAD Installation contains both TRIAD NetDance and TRIAD
HyperDance. TRIAD Installation is built up to be shown in
exhibition spaces as a presentation of the entire project.
The production company in charge of the TRIAD is the Kroma
Productions Ltd., a company for audiovisual and multimedia
art, located at the Magnusborg Studios in Porvoo, Finland.
for further information, please contact:
Ms. Marikki Hakola
media artist, director, researcher, executive producer
Kroma Productions Ltd. ´ Magnusborg Studios 06100
tel. int. 358+(0)19+585900
gsm 358+(0)40+5464165
telefax 358+(0)19+585901