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 Member ID: ODRZ
 Name: ODRZ
 Age: no information
 Gender: group
 Registration date: 2001-05-07 23:46
 Zone: 4
 Country: Italy
 Project: ODRZ02

ODRZ02 is a symbolic representation of the Universe, of materia that form it, of forces that act in, of life that grows up in, of degeneration of life along times. The container represents the Universe and, meantime, the place where life had been generated in the only form we can know : the Earth. Two forces act on the materia of the Universe : gravity and lightness. Four ‘Squares’ represent the Aristotle’s theory elements : Fire, Air, Water and Earth. Fire and Air are subject of lightness force, so they move from bottom to up. Water and Earth are subject of gravity force, so they move from up to bottom. A Frame represents life – in vegetable and animal forms – developped on Earth. The installation elapsed time represents the Earth history with generation / degeneration – natural and with human work – of life and natural elements. ODRZ02 will be subject of five human works, called ‘Era Changement’, representing the sequence of five Geological Era. Inside the container diffuse music will represent the sequence of five Geological Era, and the human way; music is composed by ODRZ, specially for ODRZ02. ERA CHANGEMENT (ten days each) ERA I : Alga in the Water Square. ERA II : Grass, flowers, branches, vegetables, fruits on the Frame. Insect larvas in the Earth Square and on the Frame. Tadpoles in the Water Square. ERA III : Lizards in the Earth Square and on the Frame. Water Turtles in the Water Square. ERA IV : Cudgels, crocks and manufactured stones in the Earth Square. ERA V : Foam and petrol in the Water Square. Five gas-bottles with formula CO2, CFC, CH4, N2O, O3 in the Air Square. Cartridge cases, ‘Target’ symbols, ruins in the Earth Square. EVERYWHERE blood-stains. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ODRZ was born at the end of research way of ONDE ROZZE. They started exploring sounds and rhytms of industrial and noise music. Then they went through the review of concert-concept. Finally they came to their maturation working out some “sound installation”. During the last 8 years, they made some demo-tapes and video-performance, they took part of two compilations and a movie soundtrack. They also played concerts, performances and sound-installations. ODRZ is the core of a group that go for projects using different artistic fields. ODRZ02 project stay inside the present ODRZ research way : places, structures, object and people of the world become subject of representation. Each project is identified by the name of the group followed by a number. ODRZ00 : Installation 14 minutes long, with video and music. There is an only submissive spectator, placed on a metal chair with wheels. He’s controlled by radio and moved inside a ring delimited by TV and sound monitors. ODRZ01 : 40 minutes performance, with live music. Slides projections on 3 metal surfaces. Videos going on 4 TV monitor. Public locked up in a cage inside an industrial scenography.