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 Member ID: Lorenza Lucchi Basili
 Name: Lorenza Lucchi Basili
 Age: 36
 Gender: female
 Registration date: 2001-05-04 00:29
 Zone: 4
 Country: Italy
 Project: Opposing places


Opposing places
Lorenza Lucchi Basili

A production site - the Westhafen, Berlin.
Structures born to carry weights, to transport goods.

An ancient prayer song of Byzanthine liturgy.
At each breathe of the singer, the image changes,
a new weave emerges from the previous one,
the luminosity of the song
mirrors into the obscurity of the lines.

The strength of the machine,
the sound of the prayer.
Two versions of fire.
The transformation of energy.
The energy that transforms.

The place of value and the place of sense.
The place of noise and the place of silence.
The place of profit and the place of asceticism.

But where is the silence and where the noise?
Where the sense and where the value?
Where the asceticism and where the profit?
To go across now silent industrial spaces
and to listen to an archaic song,
the voice of a silence like a puff.

The structures speak a metaphysical language,
the familiar becomes unknowable.
The opposing places are no longer.
The opposing places are one.

Requirements: iMac computer, Computer projector.
Description: A Director file runs in loop on the iMac
and is projected at full wall size onto the container
wall in front of the entrance.
The Director file consists of a sequence of slides
synchronized with a sound.
Sound volume should be set in order to make sound
audible but clearly perceived. Images:
Westhafen, Berlin (taken from my photographic series
Space twenty-five, Berlin). Sound: traditional
byzanthine liturgical song
(singer: soeur Marie Keyrouz).

Honors degree in architecture. Selected exhibitions:
solo shows Graffio, Bologna 1999, Belleza y Felicidad,
Buenos Aires 2001, group shows Luogo Comune, Neon,
Bologna 1999, Fuori Uso 99, Ex Clinica Baiocchi,
Pescara 1999, Quattro Teorie sul Paesaggio, Viafarini,
Milan 1999, Preview, various venues 2000, Arti Visive
3, Palazzo Ducale, Genoa 2000, Periscopio, various
venues, 2000, Die Blaue Begeisterung, Kunsthaus
Tacheles, Berlin 2000, Nouveau Paysage Italien, Espace
Electra, Paris 2000, Quotidiana
00, Galleria Civica, Padua 2000, No Sex, No Drugs, No
R&R, Y. Kondratiuk Foundation, Novosibirsk 2001,
Seeking the Sequential, Pyramid Art Space, Rochester
NY 2001, L’uovo di Colombo, O’, Milan,
2001, Drawing the Line, FCCA Fredericksburg VA 2001,
Art/Omi International Artist Residence + Open Studios
Show, Omi, NY, 2001.