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 Member ID: Yau Ching
 Name: Yau Ching
 Age: no information
 Gender: female
 Registration date: 2001-05-02 12:30
 Zone: 6
 Country: HongKong
 Project: MOVE ME

MOVE ME Yau Ching's proposal for an interactive installation in 1 building site container at Gegenort, Summer 2001 My installation is designed to be placed and around the container. Inside the container are 60-80 little electrical pandas, covered with fake fur and stuffed with electrical wires. They all have a piece of plastic bamboo leaves (in bright green color) sewn around their mouths. Some of the pandas, around 40 or so, will be hung vertically from the ceiling of the container; a thick round rubber band in the same color as the bamboo leaves will be extended from the tip of each panda's mouth. The pandas suspended by these rubber bands will be slighting bouncing up and down when the container is being "moved" by visitors. On the floor of the container, a slanting slope will be built where some other pandas, about another 40 of them, will be tied along the slope with rubber bands. All pandas are wired through sound sensors. The walls inside and outside the container will be lined with drum machine sensors for visitors to bang on them. The whole container will be painted with big red words challenging the visitors to "move me", which in Cantonese, is also a slang to challenge people to a fight, something like "Beat me up, I dare you". The sound created by the visitors through the drum sensors will trigger all pandas' feet to move. The ones hanging vertically will start to bounce strongly up and down or spin on their own (turn round and round), depending on the way each rubber band is sewn to their mouths. The ones on the floor will start crawling down the slope, along designated grooves on the slope. When they go to as far as the rubber band goes, they will be bounced back by the rubber band to the starting point and have to start all over again. BIO Yau Ching was born in Hong Kong, educated in New York and London, and is currently working in Hong Kong as a media installation artist, film/videomaker, writer and educator. She is a graduate of the Whitney Independent Study Program in New York. Her films and videos have been awarded at the Ann Arbor Film Festival, Cindy Film Competition, German Video Art Prize, Brno 16 Film Festival, Image Forum in Japan, and exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, New York Public Library, London Film Festival, Flaherty International Film Seminars, Mill Valley Film Festival, Hawaii Film Festival, the Experimental Audio-Visual Festival in the Netherlands, and the Worldwide Video Festival in Den Haag, among others. Her installatiomn works have been commissioned by Creative Time (New York), CEPA Gallery in Buffalo, University of Hong Kong Museum and have been shown at the Brooklyn Bridge Anchorage, public transit buses in upstate New York, and University of Michigan Museum Gallery, among others. Past works include: Is There Anything Specific You Want Me To tell You About? (90), Flow (93), The Ideal/Na(rra)tion (93), Video Letters 1-3 (93), Diasporama: Dead Air (97), and June 30, 1997 (aka Celebrate What?) (97). Yau Ching currently teaches at the School of Design, Hong Kong Polytechnic University.