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 Member ID: Art Circus
 Name: Art Circus
 Age: no information
 Gender: group
 Registration date: 2001-05-01 14:47
 Zone: 4
 Country: Yugoslavia
 Project: The temple of Aurora Borealis

As an answer to your virtual experiment, we are sending you our artistic conception started in 1996. named "The journey to the center of the Earth" and its integral part "The temple of Aurora Borealis". "The journey to the center of the Earth" is an action that apprehends continuous "movement" towards the presumed entrances to the center of the Earth.The keyspots (entrances) of the journey to the center of the Earth are marked with futuristic buildings called "The temple of Aurora Borealis". The temple of Aurora Borealis is constructed of a labyrinth that guides to the "center", big crystal ball in the "center" of the labyrinth intowich a cone-shaped caleidoskope is pinned reaching the "center" of the ball, pointing north.Considering the theory that Aurora Borealis is caused by the energy emitted from inside of the Earth, caleidoscope inverts the energy of Aurora Borealis in the energies of virtual pictures. Comprehending your idea in our way, we suggest you put a model of the"Temple of Aurora Borealis" on every entrance/exit of your virtual tunnels.For us, every entrance/exit stands for Pole and subtantially the source of Polar light energy. With concept we are also sending three computer graphics, architectural project, and photographs of the model of the temple of the Aurora Borealis. Art Circus Art Circus is art group established 1995. in Novi Sad, Yugoslavia.Group explores phenomennas of life in reality( in media) and life in virtuality( in Serbia/Yugoslavia)The group examinates the extreme borders of human knowledge and experience (selfexperince is primary in their work).The members of the group are: Zeljko Piskoric (born 1961).-graduated sculpture on Acadmy of fine arts in Novi Sad in 1991. Dragan Matic (born 1966.)-graduated paintig on Academy of fine arts in Novi Sad in 1991. Milos Vujanovic (born 1965.)-graduated painting on Academy of fine arts in Novi Sad in 1991. For more information: e-mail:dragamat@eunet.yu Art Circus Mose Pijade 21 21208 Sr.Kamenica Yugoslavia