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 Member ID: mona vatamanu
 Name: mona vatamanu
 Age: 32
 Gender: female
 Registration date: 2001-04-29 21:10
 Zone: 4
 Country: Romania
 Project: india


a project by Mona Vatamanu

Do you have a mirror? No, I don't. Come and take a look into my eye. Yes, you have an urcior. You have a small camera, an urcior. Wait, there is something on the monitor. It's the CNN. In fact it was the EuroNews. It was on the Christmas Eve in that night in France, Paris, on Shambelise when a father and his child, hand in hand were looking to the sparkling spotlights in the shops windows. The entire Paris was a shop window. On the sky, just lightning flashes. And those flashes were all pulsing together. There were also lots of people hand in hand and the universal love was on the monitor. But from all those little lights, a single one was shining brightly. It was the glitter in the child's eyes. That one from GroznÓi. On the EuroNews. That's how it came into view on the monitor. That child's eyes. But there were two kids in GroznÓi. One of them was skating and the other one was riding a scooter. A damaged scooter that one from GroznÓi. Actually both of them. The kid with the scooter rode faster and got to the bombed truck. The other one who remained near the skateboard took the skateboard and went to the kid with the scooter standing next to the bombed truck. After that, they left together and got up the truck. That was the place where they have playing. From the balconies rose the smoke. But this happened later, when the camera reached there. Anyway, the kids were playing down, beneath the balconies, up to the truck. They didn't look up to the balconies. And you know what's the next image? Well.What? And you tell us how that kid was swinging on the bombed truck's pipe. And on the truck's floor was the pink cornet with white fringes next to which the smoke was pouring. Anyway, the second kid, I don't know if he played with the cornet, he was looking to it or I don't know even if he was looking to it, but I don't think so. Anyway, the cornet lay down on the floor. The pink cornet was on the floor. Well, next. I don't know, pay attention to what are you doing with the camera. And the light on the monitor got visible again. Very clearly. A car had broken one elephant's leg, not in India but in Thailand, and that light was gleaming on one of the metal props of the external orthopedic device destined to help it walking and to permit the fracture to heal. And the Thailand's guys felt sorrow for it and they tried hard to mount the elephant up into the truck. And they brought it a doctor who put the device we mentioned before. Anyway, when they got the elephant up the truck the cars continued to pass by the Thailand's, but this is another story. I've read there are more things about India. I have two other books at home. Both of them are about India. They have different pictures with India. I like them a lot. Who doesn't? I thought all the time to that elephant. That one in the pictures. The one from India. There was another book with an elephant. But to the elephants on that book people had cut their legs and they have made tables to eat on them¹. Those elephants were from Africa.

text with Floe Tudor, Nicolae Comanescu

¹ Respectively it's not necessary anymore to mention the fact that the elephant legs are commonly used as excellent props for human's umbrellas and walking sticks. Only the humans wear walking sticks and umbrellas.