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 Member ID: floetudor
 Name: floe tudor
 Age: 27
 Gender: male
 Registration date: 2001-04-29 21:00
 Zone: 4
 Country: Romania
 Project: strumfloe


a text by floe

Long time ago I was thinking to a magician. And also to some strumphs arrived from another planet. The Strumphs Planet. An attempt to colonize. I don't know, Ileana and Mircea told me a story about beavers. 'Cause hunters chase beavers. But the beavers understood why they are hunted. Anyway the beavers run not to be caught by the hunters and when feel they are fagged out they turn upside down and castrate themselves with the teeth. That's the reason for hunters to chase them, to take their balls and to give them to humans in form of aphrodisiacs. But these ones who already castrated themselves and were not caught and killed, when the hunters want to catch them, for not being killed the beavers turn again upside down to show the hunters they have no balls, that they already castrated them. I don't know, that the andalusian dog, what did those two guys, but I don't know, I was never able to watch that film, I mean I was sick about those two guys did, but I felt sorry in the same time, anyway I don't know, these trends are not finishing, they continue, coexist, I mean all of them from the very beginning until now and if we could repair that eye somehow. I don't know, I didn't find it anymore. Chechnyans strumphs. Love parade strumphs return in luv's truck with bubbles. Bubbles and hippos in coitus not interruptibus, 'cause they don't need beaver's bulls, only humans need beaver's bulls. There is a magician, maybe the magic stick only. I didn't see him at flatboy slim. There is a guy who changes things between each other. Spiderman meets the spider. Spiderman saves the world. And the strumphs too. (text Floe , zebra appears courtesy of Mona, the spider appears courtesy of Alexander, the strumphs courtesy of themselves).