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wire frame of the installation in the container
View of the container with two sides removed
projections of backwall
Some pictures of the software to be projected on the back wall, the public can construct pentagons themselves with this interactive software
Sketch for the two sidewalls of the container. Combinations of pentagons, transformed, rescaled, skewed and put into imaginary space. Printed on paper, shapes of wood, cut from cardboard.
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Bottom left two shockwave movies can be found as an introduction to the installation proposed for the container.
wireframe of the container (Project page)
One can see part of the installation in the container. The structure can be turned around. Shown is an animation of the projection.
the projection wall (Project page)
This interactive software will be projected on the back wall of the container. It contains some games and a drawing device of pentagons.

 Member ID: Bram van Waardenberg
 Name: bram van Waardenberg
 Age: 41
 Gender: male
 Registration date: 2001-04-27 17:31
 Zone: 2
 Country: Netherlands
 Project: An Introduction to Paradise

Image 1

Project Introduction to Paradise

Bram van Waardenberg
Berkelselaan 44b
3037 PG Rotterdam
0031 (0) 10 4663287
0031 (0) 6 14 24 97 92


I propose to construct an multimedia installation in the container.

The goal and title is an interactive introduction to paradise. The installation is a combination of traditional techniques (print, cuttings) and multimedia software (a combination of shockwave 8 movies). The former presented as an installation, the latter within this installation as an (interactive) projection.

The installations consists of two parts: 1. A formation of shapes, constructed with pentagons printed on paper, cut out of hardboard and wood. These shapes must be fitted to the walls and laid on the floor. (The pentagons are transformed (skew, rotation, scaling) in characteristic shapes.
2. An interactive part which is projected to the back wall of the container, the software leads the visitor around by letting her play with the pentagonal geometry and lets her construct the combinations herself, simple by manipulation with the mouse. Really this gives the visitor an impression of an ideal world where everything fits together, (a mathematical phantasy.)

The software will act on its own when nobody does something with it.

Image 2

Description of the interactive part:

In essence this is a piece of software I made to draw combinations of pentagons. It allows the visitor to draw pentagon combinations with single and double pentagons. After that construction rotation, scaling and perspective can be applied to the shapes. After that the size of the lines can be varied. If nobody is trying something the drawing device will act on its own, stopping whenever someone is entering the game.

Around this drawing device, I built a game to discover the pentagons in the shapes presented on the walls. Also the animated container will be part of this interactive part, so there is an element of self-reference. Try-out versions of the software are to be seen at my website

Description of the traditional part:

Combinations of pentagons printed on paper and modern plastics, cut out of board, made from wood, small (20 cm) to large maximum height, length of the container. (Animated examples are to be seen at my website

Image 3

Currently I am working on the software. Examples and try-outs can be found on my website the coming weeks. A plug-in is needed to view the software. This plugin is safe and can be downloaded in a few moments. The page refers you to the site from where to download. The missing parts will be added to the website the coming weeks. The links to the software are found bottom left of the page and called "The container"and "In the Container", The website address is

Needed for this installation: A PC with windows installed and a possibility to install the plug-in (temporary internet-connection) A data-projector (beamer) to project the screen of the computer.

Any question can be asked

Bram van Waardenberg , 1959

1978-1984 a degree in Astronomy at University Leiden
1984-1989 a degree in painting at the Rotterdam College of Art

Worked as a part-time lecturer at the art college Rotterdam 1991-1995.
Works as a freelance software engineer in multimedia software and internet productions.

(solo) exhibitions
1993 'Circles' in Smelik en Stokking in Den Haag
1994 'Ellipses' in the Hollandiagebouw in Vlaardingen
1995 The 'drudenvoet' in the 'Illusie' in Rotterdam
1996, 1997 The Ring, a serie of four stereographic installations with Wim van Egmond
1998 'Lichtdeling' (Division of Light) for the Centrum Beeldende Kunst (art centre) in Rotterdam, Stereographic Installation met Wim van Egmond. part of 'Corpus Callosum'
1998 'Pentagonic Black Hole' Installation with prof dr Vincent Icke, part of 'Corpus Callosum'
2000 Installation Le Processus, Lille.
2001 Exchange Rotterdam - St Petersbourg, St Petersbourg, (catalogue)
2002 Pentagon and Light, galerie, Rotterdam Commissions
1993 Sporen for the Childrens Hospital 'Sophia Kinderziekenhuis' in Rotterdam
1997 Sporen II for the 'Sophia Kinderziekenhuis'


1995 'Zuivere wetenschap en autonome kunst', (an art&science project, organisation and presentation). Centrum Beeldende Kunst, Nederlands Architectuurinstituut, Erasmus Universiteit, Rotterdam
1998 'Corpus Callosum' an Art & Science project, organisation and participant , Centrum Beeldende Kunst Rotterdam
1998 Pentagon Choreography for Corpus Callosum
2001 Le repas, art and science dialogue, University of Lille
1995 Graphical art (technique, image en interviews)
1996 CD-Rom "Verbindingen " (Connections)- report on the art&science project 'Zuivere wetenschap en autonome kunst'.
1998 CD-Rom "The Cell", part of a report on the project "Corpus Callosum"
2001 Text for the publication about Kees Spermon


1995 Voyage through the solar system (slides and video), Illusie Rotterdam
1996 Leap-Time (slides and computer-animation) , TU Delft, Delft 1996 The artist Kees Spermon (slides, video en music) , CBK Rotterdam
1996 Modern Stereography with Wim van Egmond (stereo-slides)
1996 Humor in painting (slides) , Erasmus University , Rotterdam
1997 Micro en Macrocosmos met Wim van Egmond, FotoFestival Naarden
2000 Art and Science Bath Royal Literature and Science Institute, Bath
2001 Workshop, Art and Science, L'école de Beaux Arts, Dunkerque

Exchange program

2000 MAJT , Rotterdam - Lille, 3.5 month working in Lille, presentation/installation
2001 Rotterdam - St Petersburg, exhibition in St Petersburg.

Video productions

1998 Pentagon
1998 Ballet Pentagon
2000 Le Processus
2001 He Walks Alone (Showed 1 december 2001, HCL3, Salle de Bain, Rotterdam)