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 Member ID: francorolle
 Name: Franco ROLLE
 Age: 34
 Gender: male
 Registration date: 2001-04-26 20:39
 Zone: 4
 Country: Italy
 Project: peli (tr. hairs)

NOTE: I'm sorry I can't show online the CD ROM "peli"... the files R too heavy to be upload in internet... Franco Rolle WHAT'S BODY SCANNING Contact is established between the human body and the plane of the scanner, generating new visions. Deformations projected onto the plane of the scanner are metaphoric representations of the physical changing of man with an introduction of the virtual world brought by computers but, in the mean time, expressing its own solidity. It performs both the outer and the inner part of man ..... a "vital flame" that plays with the dual aspects, physicality-spirituality and reality-virtuality, of mans existence. THE WORK: PELI, 2001 (RELEASE 3.0) Hairs as sensible edge between reality and imaginary. At the direct scansion of the human body is added the scansion of the sounds produced by each contacts with the plane of the scanner. Using the mouse is possible, one by one, to enable sounds produced by different types of hairs. Introducing voice by Yoshikazu Iwata lists different names of hairs in Japanese language. DESCRIPTION OF THE WORK The work is a multimedia installation. It's an autorun CD-ROM and it need a PC system to play. I advise to copy on the hard disk to improve sounds and images effects but, in any case, it depends on the quality of the CD player. It can be divided mainly in three parts. The first one is an introduction in Japanese and Italian. The first image with the "peli" scrolling is a list of kind of hairs in Japanese language. The second shows a subtitle in Italian "peli bionici pettinati con il mouse" that introduce the concept of the entire work (translated "bionic hairs combed with the mouse") The inner part is a slide show of images. Moving your mouse you can activate the sounds produced by different kind of hairs. With the right/left bottom you can decide to move forward/back to the next/previous image. The installation will move in any case from one pic to the other in a random sequence. With the right down bottom you can decide to exit from the installation in any time. The installation will start from the begging from itself. INSTALLATION It can be installed in different ways but it always needs a computer. Until now it was installed simply on a computer with an available mouse. Keyboard is not required. If it exists it's better to put a password to the "esc" key in the way not to run out from the installation. The best results were gained using a projector on a big screen in a dark room. The only mouse was put in the middle of the dark room and that really improved the interactivity of the work. This installation was performed at the Biennale BIG TORINO 2000, where the work was selected, in the section "communication and new media". In any case is recommended to increase the speaker sound level. The work is resizable but it was optimized for a 1024x768 pixel screen resolution. BIOGRAPHY Franco Rolle. Born in Turin (Italy) on September 3rd 1966. Graduated at the Turin University of Architecture in 1992 after studies at the "Pratt Institute" of New York and working experiences in Europe and Japan. In 1996 he joints the "Progetto Arte" founded by Michelangelo Pistoletto. In the 1997 he founds its group called "atelier Nomade" to promote different subjects such architecture, design, graphic, exhibitions, installation and artistic performances. Since 1998 he starts a personal research in electronic arts performances that calls "body scanning". In the summer 1999 he studies at the "SommerAkademie" in Salzburg (Austria) with the artist Hermann Nietsch the action painting. He takes part at the Biennale of Young Artist TORINO BIG 2000 in the sections "Urban Intervention" and "Communication and New Media". He's attending master in e-design at the Milan Polytechnic. He is enrolled at the G.A.I. (Young Italian Artists) since 1998 in the section Digital Arts.