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 Member ID: Praxis Group
 Name: The Praxis Group
 Age: no information
 Gender: group
 Registration date: 2001-04-26 01:45
 Zone: 1
 Country: United States
 Project: Security Area

Project Title:
Security Area

Project Action:
The simultaneous performance of Heiner Muller's 'Hamletmachine' in front of public domain web cams in Times Square, New York City, USA and inside the Gegenort mine.

Project History:
In August 2000 the Praxis Group attempted to stage sections of Muller's 'Hamletmachine' in front of public domain web cams in Times Square. The New York City Police Department stopped the performance and ordered the actors off the sidewalk. Public domain web cams in Times Square are for tourists and not artists.

Project Task:
The Praxis Group wants to exploit the oppositional place (gegenort) between tourism and art. Our mission is to understand how the streets and web cams in New York City have been sterilized from any agitation. By simultaneously performing in Times Square and the Gegort mine the Praxis Group wants to explore what constitutes a legal reason to perform in the public streets.

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