Artistic conceptions for installation in 10 building site
containers (6 x 2.45 m).

Presentation in August and September 2001 in the former
coal mine “Gegenort” in Neunkirchen (Germany) and the
World Wide Web. Every single artistic conception will be
displayed in the exhibit, but only ten installations will
actually be set up in containers at the site.
The volume of the sent material should not exceed three
A4 pages per artist because this material will be exhibited.
The layout and the artistic nature of the sent material are
left to the imagination of every participant, but must include
a text on the artist’s conception.

Picture files (photos, sketches, drawings, etc. in jpg
or gif at 72 dpi) can be included and sent as attachments.
Personal information (id-photo, biography, etc.) of the
All artists is welcome!
Deadline: 15th of May 2001
For further and detailed information on the
project please go to:

URL: http://www.the-virtual-mine.net/
e-mail: info@the-virtual-mine.net