Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about the concepts:

Do Concepts have to referr to the idea of the virtual mine ?
It would be appreciated if your concept refered to the virtual mine and the
idea of opposing places...but it is not a necessety. Completely new as well as
older concepts and ideas are welcome.

Financial aspects:

Is participation free of charge ?
Participation is absolutely free of charge !

Is there any financial reward for the participants to be expected at present ?
Unfortuantely we are presently not in the situation to be able to reward
participating parties financially.

What would the budget be for the realization of a project in a container ?
Presently we are able to provide a range of 5.000 - 10.000 DM per container.


What are the environmental conditions at the site ?
Electricity, water and internetaccess is provided.

Is it possible to send materials by snail-mail ?

The idea of the project is not to work with materials that are directly
sent by the artists via normal post. Everything should be transfered
through the internet ( E.g. Photos, paintings, installations can be filmed,
scanned or drawn and later uploaded into the database).

Do the artists have to install their works in person ?
No, all works (concepts) will be set up by our group (the virtual miners)
from the description the artists provide.
However anybody who wants to visit, is welcome, but unfortunately we
are not in the position to provide financial assistance regarding travel or
As soon as you present your concept in the projects
internet-representation (the VIRTUAL mine), you are a participating
member of the virtual mine project.

Every concept will be exhibited in form of print, sound (text to speech) and
digital projection. Your ideas or your concept should not be influenced or
restricted by the budget or the possibility of the realization at the site.

Nevertheless it would be appreciated if you included ideas for the practical
realization in your text, meaning: If your idea is filling a container with
gold bars, realization would be possible through video-

However the main object of the project shouldn`t be to focus on the exhibition
at the site in Germany (as there will be only ten concepts set up in ten
containers) but the virtual presentation of your ideas and your concept in the
internet !

The concepts chosen for the exhibition at the site will be realized in close
communication and partnership with the virtual miners.
The decree of freedom you give us, refering to the realization of your concept
by us, is solely determined by you, meaning: R.g. If you send us a very
detailed plan of the exact setup you want in the container, we will try to
execute it as close as possible.
If you choose to send us a poem or images or sound without any detailed
description for the setup, we will try to transfer the feel of the poem, image
or sound into a form or installation.


The deadline is 1. of may for participants who would like to offer their
concepts for possible realization at the site in Germany.

If you just want your ideas to be exhibited in print and text to speech, the
deadline is the 1. of july.

Regardless of any ongoing exhibitions and presentations, everbody is welcome at
any time to contribute their ideas and concepts to the virtual mine - project
in the internet, as the site will stay open as a forum of presentation and

The copyright of the ideas will stay with the artist.